What is Season Search?

The Mission: Conserve. Guide. Adventure.

Explore states, regions, and specific destinations based on what you can do reflected on hunting and fishing regulations. Our vision is simple: Make legal guidelines more accessible, to enable everyone to do more.

We don't think that regulations should create a barrier to doing fun and exciting activities outside, and these guidelines should be easy to find and easy to understand. With Season Search Guides you can find all the regulatory information you need for destinations, regions, and states. We are making all the info easy to access: activities that are legal, species that are open, bag limits, size limits, and license requirements.

The Story

The first time CEO and founder Tommy Chipman realized how complex regulatory information can be, it was almost too late. He was fishing with his best friend in Central California — They quickly checked the rules, obtained licenses.

Sunset came, and with it the Fish and Game Ranger. They bragged and showed off their catch like any good fisherman. After pointing out the “secret” spot, they quickly learned it was a “secret” because it was illegal to fish there.

The Ranger pointed out on a hidden page, in some unrelated category, an exception that prohibited angling in this particular type of zone. Punishable by a maximum of 6 months in county jail and a $1,000 fine. The ranger was nice enough and understood that we had good intentions, he got away with a stern scolding and thorough explanation of the importance of following the rules. Not everyone gets off that easy.

Key Points

Total Anglers in the US
38.5 Million
Total Hunters in the US
11.5 Million
License buying revenue for 2016
1.5 billion dollars
Hunting and Fishing trips per year
Total expenditures for all activities
80 Billion

There are over 120 individual regulation guidebooks for all 50 states with an average of 75 pages of regulations each. Season Search is creating a guide for each state based on destinations, regions, and counties that show all of the necessary guidelines in one easy to understand digest. We want people to find new places to hunt and fish, be aware of the rules, open and closed seasons.


A database containing over 25,000 regulations, for 11 activities, and 11 states. Easy destination search and guide browse with an intuitive guide format for adventurers to quickly understand what they can and can't do at a particular place.

Provides shareable digest guides for season opening dates and closing dates, species detail, bag limits, possession limits, size limits, and any other special information.

The Team

Tommy Chipman
Founder & CEO
Account Manager, Visa Merchant Services
Product Manager, Flipboard
BA, Philosophy, San Francisco State U

Damon Sauve
Founder & CTO
Senior Software Engineer, eBay Advertising
Master of Library Science, U North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Master of Education, U Florida
BA, English, U Florida

Dom Martinez
Motion Designer, Related Grey
B.S., Motion Graphics & Visual Effects, Art Institute - Orange County

Brandon Krull
Founder & Front-End Engineer
Postdoctoral Fellow, Berkeley Lab
Ph.D., M.S., Chemistry, U California, Irvine
B.S., Biotechnology, Cal Poly U-Pomona